Commercial Photography

Creating a professional look for your company is my #1 priority. I’ll ensure your brand and corporate vision look their best in any environment through photography. With my experience, I can handle all of your business needs, including headshots, branding, marketing, products, and events. I showcase my client’s business and products in the best light possible. Together, let’s talk about your needs and bring your photography to another level.


Great photography can help tell the story of your company. The overall look and feel of your business should be apparent in your photographs. This is the best way for your potential clients to get to know you and what they can expect. The photos are not about making your business look perfect but about making it look professional and real. A real company, or a real person that your customers can connect with. 

I support your vision and will highlight what is unique about your business or product. I can walk through your daily operations and bring your business to life through photos. It does not just have to be about the end product. I highlight everything in between and pay attention to all the details. Whether your photos are for a product catalog, website, the media, or your social media, you will have a library of images to choose from when we are done. 

Please get in touch with me for more information and to discuss your photography needs.

Corporate Headshots

Headshots can set you apart from your competition. Your professional photo can be used for your website, social media pages, business cards, press releases, and more. Your image gives customers a glimpse into your brand and your personality. 

Each brand is different, and so is your headshot. With my experience, I can help clients choose the best background, lighting, clothing, and colors to showcase themselves and their company. Clients can come to my studio for the photoshoot, or I can set up professional lighting and backgrounds right at your location. 

On the day of the shoot, everything will be ready for a stress-free experience. You can pick your favorite photo that day or wait and have a whole gallery to choose from. Whether it is one headshot or headshots for the whole office, I offer a fast turnaround time so you use your photos within a week. 

Your headshot is similar to a first impression of you and your business. Together, let’s make it count! Book your session today!


I have photographed hundreds of events throughout my career including award ceremonies, corporate balls, fundraisers, orchestras, political events, receptions, and more. While you are enjoying the event, I will be unobtrusive and in the background capturing every moment and every detail. I will be dressed professionally and blend in with your guests. I offer a fast turnaround allowing you to quickly use the photos for promotions, press releases, social media, and more. 

I am honored to be the official photographer for the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce and a photographer for the YSU Cliff College of Arts. Feel free to view samples of my work by navigating to: Client Galleries, then click: Event

Please contact me for more information and to discuss your event photography needs.